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Entrepreneurial Transformation

Every journey begins with a single step

Technology, mobile devices, digitalisation, and new organisational logic transform the way we live and communicate. We at Journey 2 Creation see these challenges as an opportunity for new modes of leadership and work culture.

We support organisational transformation and teach:

• New perspectives that inspire you and enable you to see existing opportunities
• New skills and work methods that support the execution of your ideas
• Structure and a different mindsets that let creativity breath
• Product and service innovation

What we provide

Unique challenges call for unique approaches

We meet you where you are and accompany you on the journey to become an entrepreneurial organisation. We thoughtfully identify your organisation’s needs and and the best application of our different tools and frameworks. Together we can co-create lasting change in your organisation. We do everything from research, talks and workshops to bigger projects and long-term programs.


With our various and diverse formats through our fields of operation we developed a set of different approaches to challenges. Some tasks require a more conceptual approach while others can be achieved more practically. Formats can also be differentiated between the level of engagement with our partner.

Coaching and Training

To build up the necessary competencies trainings and coachings serve as the precise impulses to empower employees to became innovation entrepreneurs.


Successful projects need quality facilitation. In order to get innovation concepts in the right gears we moderate, conduct and co-operate workshops and sessions and accompany innovation projects at the right time.

Innovation Projects

Our knowledge, expertise and methodic background enables us to develop and execute innovation projects from the start to the end. Therefore we can take over the whole development process of product and service innovation and bring validated prototypes back in to the right departments.


Every decision and every innovation projects needs to stand on a solid foundation of user research. Through qualitive research we explore user needs in order to identify opportunity fields and valuable insights.

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We are Journey 2 Creation and our dream is to empower ourselves and you. Our core focus is to help small and big companies with transforming themselves into agile and entrepreneurial entities that are ready to tackle whatever challenges that arise. We guide you through the uncertainty of tomorrow. And we do it in a personal way.

Lucas Licht, co-founder