Entrepreneurial Mindset

Fostering an effective & involving working culture

We offer coachings for staff and offer a special programme in Entrepreneurial Leadership. The Entrepreneurial Leadership and Followership programmes share the development of the potentials within each participant, which the Entrepreneurial Leadership programme also enable participants to cultivate the entrepreneurial potential in others. This is the long run cultivates an Entrepreneurial Organisation, in other words - an organisation where all employees are proactively engaged in contributing to the purpose of the organisation.

Leaders should facilitate - not dictate

Leaders optimizes and enhances performances, develop the creative, entrepreneurial potential of each staff member. They create an environment where there is room for things to emerge and through correctly timed impulses they navigate between the non directive and the directive. We see the good leader as one who lift up people and who is able to facilitate a process where employees can untap their potential and work with a meaningful purpose.

Developing the entrepreneurial mindset is an exercise in action and introspection. Participants learn to deepen their understanding of themselves and the purpose of what they do in order to discover and express their own potentials and that of the organisation.
This process makes them capable of the self-generation, self-reflection, and self-correction necessary to manage themselves on task and proactively get things done. Entrepreneurial Organisations foster effective and involving working cultures in which all staff and departments have these abilities. This is a approach to business philosophy and structure that is aligned with the times we live in and holds a tremendous amount of potential for those ready to take the leap.

We offer to accompany your organisation on its journey to becoming an Entrepreneurial Organisation.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

The practice of cultivating entrepreneurial potential and action in self and others and still get things done well.

Entrepreneurial Followership

The practice of acting out entrepreneurial potential in one's job and life.

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