Ayelet Fishman

Meet Ayelet

Industrial designer, Design thinker, Lecturer in design disciplines and innovation strategies. Our coach in Tel Aviv.

Ayelet's international adventures have made her a multiculti aware person, an expert in leading and coaching diverse teams through complex innovation challenges.
As a product designer focusing on innovative mobility, she has a keen eye for detail and will help you keep the user's best interests at heart.
She also teaches design disciplines and design thinking to university students and to gifted children.
Based in the “Start-up nation” Ayelet is your go-to person when seeking new collaborations or partnerships, and if you drop by for a visit she can also recommend the best hummus in town.

Which one is right?

Everyday she speaks 3 different languages

That’s the truth! Congratulations, you got it!

She teaches a Zumba class 2 times a week

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!

Ayelet owns 4 cats: Merci, Nala, Luna & Charles

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!