Jörg Koslowsky

Meet Jörg

Coach, Actor, Strategist

Jörg's specialty is creating integrative formats which foster new ideas. Are you looking for sophisticated idea management, elegant idea validation strategies as well as their flexible implementation? Jörg has you covered! Jörg is great at breaking abstract ideas into manageable tasks, is a talented strategist and is always willing to go first in line.

As an educated and accomplished actor who has captivated audiences at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Jörg assists teams with his method expertise and natural assertiveness. In addition, Jörg trains the next generations of Design Thinkers at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam.

Whatever we do here, all of it is building up to a greater future together – a future unknown at every present moment.

- Jörg

Which one is true?

He once spent a month in Mongolia to study a group of nomades for an acting role

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!

He has a diploma in archery

That’s the truth! Congratulations, you got it!

Jörg dances tango two times a week

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!