Johannes Puschmann

Meet Johannes

Entrepreneur & Start-Up Expert

At J2C Johannes develops new working formats in the areas of idea management and agile product development. He has gained experience working with start-ups, accelerator programs, and innovation networks, and greatly contributes to our successful projects in the digital realm. He is also a coach for the Professional Track at the HPI Academy in Potsdam.

The favorite part of my job is working together with extraordinary people and creating change together - whether it's my colleagues or our partners.

- Johannes P.

Which one is true?

As a child, Hannes ((has already been on the radar of international advertising agencies at a very young age. He)) used to dub a number of commercials running on nickelodeon/ KiKa.

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!

Plays the bass in a heavy Metal Band called Pink Totenkopf.

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!

Is the unofficial Sqvolley (our own game which is a mix between Squash and Volleyball) champion in our office.

That’s the truth! Congratulations, you got it!