Nastassja Wohnhas

Meet Nastassja

Sustainable Development| Communication | Fundraising

Nastassja has a background in political science and public relations and is responsible for internal and external communication, exploring new cooperation possibilities, and supporting field research projects at the J2C venture Food Kompanions.

Growing up on a small Demeter farm in Westphalia as part of a family-run natural cosmetics company, she’s been exposed to biodynamic farming and the art of environmentally and socially responsible business practices all her life, while also gaining work experience in the field.

She is passionate about sustainable development, social impact, fair trade and active in local politics.

I love working with j2C. The unique work environment combines community, work, play, freedom and individualism, taking work to a whole new level where ideas & creativity can flow and thrive.

- Nastassja

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Collects Porcelain Dolls

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Spent three months in a Catholic nunnery in South India without being spiritually involved

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Won the Mini Playback Show in 1994, performing Saturday Night by Wighfield

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