Nastassja Wohnhas

Meet Nastassja

Business & Event Management

Nastassja joined J2C on the operative level and has responsibilities for financial, administrative & internal communication matters. Outside her regular working hours, she likes to engage in politics, being passionate about sustainability, fair trade and and women's empowerment. Nastassja has a professional background in political science, trade & government relations and social entrepreneurship.

I love working with j2C. The unique work environment combines community, work, play, freedom and individualism, taking work to a whole new level where ideas & creativity can flow and thrive.

- Nastassja

Which one is true?

Collects Porcelain Dolls

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!

Spent three months in a Catholic nunnery in South India without being spiritually involved

That’s the truth! Congratulations, you got it!

Won the Mini Playback Show in 1994, performing Saturday Night by Wighfield

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!