Nastassja Wohnhas

Meet Nastassja

Business & Event Management

Nastassja joined J2C on the operative level and has responsibilities for financial, administrative & internal communication matters. Outside her regular working hours, she likes to engage in politics, being passionate about sustainability, fair trade and and women's empowerment. Nastassja has a professional background in political science, trade & government relations and social entrepreneurship.

I love working with j2C. The unique work environment combines community, work, play, freedom and individualism, taking work to a whole new level where ideas & creativity can flow and thrive.

- Nastassja

Which one is true?

Won the Mini Playback Show in 1994, performing Saturday Night by Wighfield

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!

Spent three months in a Catholic nunnery in South India without being spiritually involved

That’s the truth! Congratulations, you got it!

Collects Porcelain Dolls

That’s the truth! Nope. Try again!