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Wiete Eichhorn

Meet Wiete

Project Manager & Usability Expert

Wiete's vast international experience lets J2C run a tight operation when it comes to project management. Another area of her expertise is usability where she acutely makes out and analyses users' needs required for suitable products or services. She has already proven her talent in the areas of politics and communication at the European Commission and in the German Parliament. Wiete is especially fond of imagery and finds that metaphors and analogies are often the greatest descriptors.

I like bringing in new impulses and inspiration, working with many different industries & to challenge people to do things differently.

- Wiete

Which one is true?

She loves the song Mambo No. 5!

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The first two years of her life she lived in an elderly people's home

That’s the truth! Congratulations, you got it!

Wiete's nickname is “jackhammer”. Once she falls asleep nothing can wake her up! Not even the pounding sound of a jackhammer in action that you would put next to her

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