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We transform companies into Entrepreneurial Organizations.

We provide impulses for personal development and elaborate a transfer into their daily work routine.

We accompany your organization throughout conceptualization, implementation, and impact of your transformation.

We train.

Train your staff in the latest frameworks and methods

We develop.

Develop your human potential and deliver your products and services on time and on budget

We transform.

Become an Entrepreneurial Organization fit for the 21st century

We train.

We train individuals, teams, and organizations in new and emerging methods and practices... the areas of human-centered innovation and value creation, agile team and project management, entrepreneurial mindset and action cultivation, authentic identity development and engaging communication practices, as well as process design and technology application.

Our Formats

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We create unique experiences that consist of conceptual impulses, experimentation, immersive encounters and joint reflection time. In this way, we provide impulses for personal development and, together with the participants, elaborate a transfer into their daily work routine.

Format Examples
  • Innovation Expedition

    An inspirational yet hands-on experience teasing all of our action areas to start a new movement within your organization

  • Mindset workshops

    Cultivation of an agile mindset, an entrepreneurial mindset, a human-centered mindset..

  • Facilitator Training

    Training you to facilitate workshops in all areas of transformation

  • Situational Training

    A format preparing you for the work situations you're dreading by practicing them in a safe environment set up by professional coaches and actors
    also includes Pitch Training

  • The Maslow Experiment

    One of our more extreme formats, providing you with an immersive nature experience to foster a personal 'reset', gain survival skills, and ultimately build lasting bonds within teams

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We train you and your staff in emerging methods and practices such as Design Thinking, Scrum, Lean Start-Up, Innovation Design Sprints formats, to support you in the skill set that might be needed to be successful in your projects and life.

Format Examples
  • Entrepreneurial Spiral

    Our own venture framework adapted for organizations

  • Scrum Master Training

    Learn how to navigate complex projects with the Scrum method

  • Design Thinking Basics

    Understand your customer better to develop more relevant results

  • User Story Mapping & UX Design

    Helps your staff define the work that will create the most delightful user experience

  • Kanban

    Learn how to plan and prioritize your To Do list to get things done more efficiently

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We hope to inspire you with talks that address the changing business context, be it a talk on why human-centered design is relevant, why agile frameworks contribute to team efficiency and outcome, why organizations need to become more entrepreneurial again or why mindset matters.

Format Examples
  • Transformation & Leadership

    How can we rethink leadership holistically?

  • The Myths of Agile

    What are the requirements and hurdles of agile scaled organizations?

  • Authenticity & Presence

    How can we communicate authentically as an individual and as an organization?

  • Entrepreneurship & Mindset

    How to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset throughout your entire workforce

  • Innovation & Technology

    How technology influences the way we work together

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We develop.

We accompany individuals and teams in their definite and sustainable development of themselves...

...cultivating customer-orientation, engagement, entrepreneurship, and agility while helping them deliver their projects in a sustainably effective and innovative manner.

Our Formats
Project Work

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We accompany and support your project with the latest insights in HCI and agile practices in order to help you deliver valuable and impactful outcomes that meet and exceed expectations.

Format Examples
  • Design Sprint

    Using various methods from various frameworks, we foster collaboration across interdisciplinary teams and facilitate focus on a specific project within a short time period.

  • User Story Mapping

    Bringing all stakeholders of a project together and aligning them on the requirements of a product and project from a user perspective, we accelerate agile project development.

  • Vision workshop

    Every team and every product needs to have stakeholders aligned on a common goal. We provide guidance in a workshop to develop a clear vision.

  • MVP Factory

    In order to minimize risk of investment, we help bringing ideas to a stage of quick market validation.

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We accompany individuals and groups in their long-term development and engage in their transformation challenges.

Format Examples
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching

    A format for personal development working on all aspects including leadership of teams, providing purpose, and setting boundaries.

  • Authentic Networking

    Know your own purpose to truly engage with your audience and develop from transactional to contributional relationships.

  • Public Speaking

    We help you connect all aspects of your story, to you as a person as well as your voice and body language.

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Team Accompaniment

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We help to cultivate agile, human-centered teams and jointly work on achieving transculturation.

Format Examples
  • Agile Team Coaching

    We support teams in their agile transformation and work with them on their ongoing projects.

  • Leadflection

    A reflection format for management and executive teams on their agile transformation, from understanding the mindset in their context to coaching and setting up interdisciplinary teams.

  • Entrepreneurship Program

    We accompany and help develop your own entrepreneurial journeys, using our own framework, the Entrepreneurial Spiral.

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We transform.

Together we clarify and concretize your specific transformation needs and goals...

...and recurrently plan, deploy, review, and adapt suitable initiatives and interventions. Learn how to drive engagement and purposeful change throughout governance, structure, and culture, i.e. key structures, areas, teams, and individuals in your organization.

Our Formats
Transformation Program

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Transformation can be complex and challenging. We accompany you through the process and help tackle the right challenges at the right time while adjusting and adapting in real time.

Format Examples

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Transformation can not be dictated top down. We help you activate and energize the individuals in your organization and help you diffuse your core strategic vision to your teams in order to reach your transformation goals.

Format Examples

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Strategic Partnership

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We take pride in becoming your partner in your transformation process and take ownership in your success. We aim not only to consult, but to accompany in the conceptualization as well as implementation and impact of a transformation.

Format Examples

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Areas of Transformation

How to evolve into an Entrepreneurial Organization


Align your company with the customer at the heart of your value creation process and establish customer-centric innovation processes to create a culture of innovation.


Execute projects in real-time as you cultivate agile teams and build a fast, responsive, and effective organization that can function and thrive in an uncertain context.


Leverage the latest insights in organizational theory as well as new technologies such as AI and blockchain to support your organization with intelligent, enabling, and effective process and hierarchy design.


Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude throughout your workforce and leadership and leverage your organization’s full human potential.


Enable and empower your organization’s true identity to go beyond branding and regain relevance and presence in the peer-driven employment and consumer markets of the 21st century.

Action Area Name

One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin. He lay on his armour-like back, and if he lifted his head a little he could see his brown belly, slightly domed and divided by arches into stiff sections.

Establishment of self-organized teams to foster a culture of trust and learning

A live pilot developed within three months thanks to a human-centered real-life scenario

How Human-Centered Design supports innovation in the biggest reinsurance company in the world

Establishment of self-organized teams to foster a culture of trust and learning

Our Approach

We were approached to develop a culture of continuous learning among management and employees within the IT department of Dr Oetker.
Starting with an immersion into the working modus of Dr Oetker, in which we identified key points of intervention that could be addressed through the implementation of a series of experiments, we followed the agile approach and had our focus on communication, trust and transparency.
We had previously worked on a common understanding of the main concepts and methods, and a set of boundaries that gave the team a lot of freedom for their experiments, and yet enabled them to act in accordance within Dr Oetker key values.
Applying a structured process, we facilitated the concept and implementation of six experiments that have successfully contributed to solve the tensions identified during the immersion phase.

The Result

A blueprint for learning from failures and solving the fear of conflicts through innovative experiments was developed. A new culture of fostering responsibility and trust is now being spread by the team, which became a multiplier of that validated process.
As a further result, they are now themselves able to shape other colleagues and practices into this mindset, hence increasing the effectiveness of the program and depending as little as possible on our external consultancy.

Johnson & Johnson

A live pilot developed within three months thanks to a human-centered real-life scenario

Our Approach

Johnson & Johnson fosters innovation within the organization and shows that it's possible to bring projects to pilot level within three months.
After field research in hospitals and a strategy workshop with the executive board, J2C was able to make a value proposition to J&J Medical Devices.

The Result

Within a three-month agile project, a prototype was developed to support J&J at hospitals.
A new department called J&J MD Evolution was initiated that is today still accompanied by J2C.
Next up are two more agile projects such as an internal incubator program, establishment of an idea platform, and an educational program for entrepreneurial activities.

How Human-Centered Design supports innovation in the biggest reinsurance company in the world

Our Approach

Munich Re asked us to develop a transformation strategy for its internal corporate structure, with the aim of becoming more innovative. In order to enable this, many work structures had to be modified to make room for creativity and the courage to pursue new approaches. Our challenge was to understand the individual needs of Munich Re in their context in order to establish an innovation landscape that would fit their needs. From then on we supported the process of assisting Munich Re in becoming an entrepreneurial organization.

The Result

We've trained +700 participants, held +20 Basic Design Thinking Workshops, done ten Moderator Trainings, experienced nine Startups Expeditions - all of this in eight different countries.
The continuous learning and experimenting with new ways of working can be time consuming and challenges daily routines. The basis of all success is the willingness of all employees – from board down – to take on the challenge of innovation at its most serious level and step out of the comfort zone. Munich Re has shown a great amount of willingness to do so.

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Our Ventures

J2C is a platform that enables and supports one's own entrepreneurial projects

Food Kompanions

Bringing the food focus to J2C, Food Kompanions co-create innovative solutions for better food along the entire supply chain.


Welcome to the New World contributes to a personal and cultural planetary revolution through the power of artists.


Agile tools that are both beautiful and functional, helping you plan, prioritize and execute your professional and private tasks


Anastrophic produces explanatory videos that make complex content easy to understand and fun to watch

Entrepreneurial Spiral

Evolve your venture along the Spiral and develop your entrepreneurial potential!

Together with a variety of partners, we work on projects that range from the future of university canteens, to innovation centers in the food industry, to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship in the digital age. We focus on the needs of man and nature and conduct field and trend research as a basis for the development of visionary solutions and future scenarios.
To achieve this, we work according to agile values ​​and principles, whereby each project is tailored to the needs of our partners and implemented together.


Welcome to the New World's artists explore an impending cosmic shift, higher awareness and collective consciousness through material that is tangible, accessible, authentic, inspiring, and fresh.
Watch out for our Irish-born, Berlin-based artist delush's first music release Don't Let Me Win, which has been described by the BBC as a 'song that comes into your life and doesn't leave'.

uhjilitee launches various innovative products in January 2019 that are created to support contemporary agile work. They can be used both professionally and privately as well as by individuals or by teams. With a compelling combination of aesthetics and functionality, these products invite you to work creatively and professionally.
Among our offers will be the uhjilitee Task Book - a notebook-sized tool for easy visualization, prioritization and planning of personal tasks, using sticky notes - and the uhjilitee Task Wall - a mobile, portable, and expandable working board for working with sticky notes , which can be hung on the wall or set up. It is particularly suitable for organizations or teams that do not have their own space or walls to enable creative, agile work.


Anastrophic uses design thinking methods and tools - a creative process that puts human needs at the center of the value creation process. Empathy for our customers comes first. We listen carefully, observe sharply, and capture complex contents in their entirety using three different formats: storyboarding, 2D animation, and mixed media.

The Entrepreneurial Spiral is a framework that helps aspiring entrepreneurs to structure their venture, focus on their next valuable step, evaluate their venture strategically, and further cultivate their entrepreneurial mindset.


Our dialogue with the future in view of technology and human spheres of activity

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Our dialogue with the future in view of technology and human spheres of activity

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